About ROI Festival

About ROI

Established in 2008 in Shanghai, China, ROI has become the largest business creativity awards in Asia, as well as the most influential Chinese award in the world in its 16 years of development. Core businesses consist of ROI Business Creativity Awards and ROI International Festival of Creativity.

About ROI Business Creativity Awards

“ROI Business Creativity Awards”: ROI has hosted 15 consecutive annual award ceremonies by the end of 2022, and 2023 marks the 16th anniversary. Every year, several hundred professional design, advertising and media companies submit their best works and cases of the year to ROI Awards. These works are second to none in both quantity and quality in Greater China.

Starting to accept entries on April 15 this year, ROI Business Creativity Awards call entry closes on June 30. The award ceremony is typically held in October, on the fourth and final day of the ROI Festival, and it is set to be on October 13th.

A total of 3925 entries were submitted by 771 companies from more than 20 countries in 2022.

About ROI International Festival of Creativity

“ROI International Festival of Creativity”: Held in mid-October in Shanghai, ROI International Festival of Creativity has attracted the world’s top companies in the advertising and marketing industry to share insights and research trends, which will inspire the audience constantly to advance the development of China’s business creativity.

Hosting 56 forums in total, the 4-day ROI International Festival of Creativity attract the participation of brand owners, media companies and agencies from home and abroad. Total online exposure exceeds 11 millions during the festival.This year ROI Festival is to be held from October 10 to 13, 2023.

Dr Onicek He, Founder of ROI Festival

Dr Onicek He founded ROI Festival in 2008. Into the 16th years of development, ROI Festival has become one of the largest and most influential business creativity awards in Asia. Onicek is a real multi-disciplinary creative person, author of best-selling book series "Business Creativity" available on JD.com & dangdang.com. The screenwriter and director of film documentary “Business Creativity in China”. Because of his in-depth academic research and achievement, Dr Onicek He is often being invited as lecturer and consultant by various universities and enterprises across the country.