Brands in Diversity 2022-11-25 14:25:00.0-2022-11-25 15:05:00.0|2022-11-25 14:25:00.0

Theme elaboration

Facing an ambiguous age with opportunities and challenges, how to break through and achieve quality business growth has become a top agenda for brands. We believe it’s important for brands to shift the focus onto the users, capture their diverse needs and upgrade the Perceived Value. Together with industry experts, we will talk about how to effectively engage with users and address their needs. Also, we will share our thinking on DEI marketing and how it shapes the brand value in a world of diversity.

Company profile

In China, Google continues to contribute to technology innovation and culture, as well as Chinese business and developer communities with solid support. Through solid solutions and constant support, Google helps Chinese businesses succeed in global markets. Google also provides a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for Chinese developers, and supports them in bringing Chinese innovations to the rest of the world, with a full range of tools and platforms. Moreover, Google is an innovation partner for cultural institutions, working on technologies that help preserve and share the incredible heritage of Chinese culture.