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Company profile

Founded in 2009, IMS Group a platform enterprise established in the field of net celebrity new economy, which provides core services to net celebrity (content creator), MCN (net celebrity brokerage companies), brand merchants and small and medium-sized businesses, firmly implements the strategic goal of "super connector" in the economic ecology of entrepreneurs, and is committed to facilitate the technology to drive the construction of new infrastructure for the decentralized net celebrity new economy. The Company has set up a big data platform to connect net celebrities with enterprises, thus achieving accurate matching between the marketing demand of enterprises and net celebrity account number through big data technology, helping net celebrities realize the commercial realization of private domain traffic and assisting enterprises to better improve business efficiency. At present, it has created new media business group composed of net celebrity marketing business based on WEIQ net celebrity marketing platform and heat wave data, net celebrity value appraisal business TOPKLOUT and net celebrity IP empowering service IMSOCIAL accelerator; and the new scenario life business group composed of net celebrity vocational education IMS Education, net celebrity online evaluation West Fifth Street APP, net celebrity digital community Honnverse and net celebrity digital collection TopHolder. The net celebrity economic ecosystem created in the Web2.0 era is gradually improving. At the same time, through the continued exploration of blockchain, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, it has created a new display platform and realization method for content creators, built a more vivid marketing scene and mode for brand owners and led the new economic and ecological development of creators in the Web3.0 era.