Tomorrow Will Be Better 2022-11-24 15:55:00.0-2022-11-24 16:35:00.0|2022-11-24 15:55:00.0

Theme elaboration

Pure original intention brings unexpected communication and influence. Behind the more than 18 million views of a single video number and more than 150 million hits on the whole network at home and abroad, what is the support for a public welfare project to gather all stars and expand the list? Is it necessary for all projects to pursue the so-called business closed loop? In this era, what kind of content can poke into the hearts of the audience? What kind of energy release and value transmission can contemporary art have in such a music project? Let's use this song "tomorrow will be better" to talk to you slowly.

Company profile

We are one of the most dynamic art communication institutions in China. Endeavors in the promotion of Chinese contemporary original art. Brings everyone along in "crashing the 'arty".